Nicknames: Bray or Brazy


BRZYDND is a Capricorn born on Janurary 13th. She is the child of a Gemeni and Leo. Her favorite signs are fellow earth signs or water signs. 

Music Background:

Growing up in a Christian home, music was part of life at an early age. BRZYDND began singing and performing at the age of 5. Up until middle school she participated in school choirs and started writing songs. By the time BRZYDND reached high school age, she began writing more and recording on iPhone apps like Garage Band, sending it to friends, and posting on social media, which helped her grow a platform. 

Her upbringing in a Christian home where gospel was often played led her to become heavily inspired by the elements of the gospel genre. Being that her parents were Christians, she wasn’t allowed to listen to other genres at a young age. 

In defiance of this rule, she ended up getting her hands on Beyonce's Crazy in Love, Usher's Confessions, and Ciara's Goodies and fell in love with R&B and Pop.

As she got older, she broadened her musical spectrum, pulling inspiration from other genres, such as Hip-Hop, Alternative and Jazz. Artists that have inspired her singing and creativity are Brandy, Lele Hathaway, Nicki Minaj, Aaliyah, Björk, Haley Williams, Beyoncé and more. 

Listeners would describe BRZYDND's voice as smooth, sultry, and bubbly. Her lyrics are very open, dreamy, and focused on story telling, perception, and her own emotions.

BRZYDND's debut single ‘Chill’ is out now on all streaming platforms and is available for purchase.